The Beauty and the Beast

December 1925


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Produced by .


Miss V Pine
Beauty's Sister
Miss V Gregor
Beauty's Sister
Miss A Gregor
A Merchant
Dudley Owen

Production Team

Mrs Briggs

Reviews and Cuttings

From the Totnes Times of January 22, 1926

On Boxing Day and again on Monday night the church hall, South Brent, was crowded on the occasion of Mr Arthur Manning presenting his operetta entitled ‘The Beauty and the Beast’, the proceeds being in aid of the summer outing for the Sunday School children. The various characters were nicely personated as follows: Beauty, Miss V Pine; Beast, Mr Theo Preston; Beauty’s Sisters, Mrs V and A Gregor; Merchant, Mr D Owen; Fairy Silver Gleam, Mrs F Tucker. There was a full chorus of children, Mrs Briggs presiding at the piano. There was also a Maypole dance and other amusement, concluding with a dance.